The Triumph of My Soul

Every so often, an anthology is written that is meant to inspire and uplift; to fortify and nourish, to comfort and reassure, but most of all, to bring you closer to a place of peace and resolve.

This anthology has stories for everyone who has ever experienced the ups and downs of life. Whether you're a parent who has lost a child, a man or woman who have been the victim of abuse, someone who has lost their identity in their love for another human being, survived a life-threatening illness, have been knocked down only to get back up time and time again%u2026whatever your trial or tribulation, at the end there is Triumph.

Inspirational, prolific, heartfelt encouraging stories featuring Essence Best-selling author, Bill Holmes, Motivational Speaker & Talk Show Host, Cheryl Donovan, Best-selling author, Elissa Gabrielle, Karibu Best-Selling author Jessica Tilles, and College Professor and Ph.D. candidate, Dike Okoro, the highly-talented, Lorraine Elzia, the eye-opening Agnes B. Levine, the uplifting Fon James, the strong Jarold Imes, the provocative Kim Robinson, the magnificent Keshia Dawn, the sensitive Allyson Deese, the determined Linda R. Herman, the progressive Ebonee Monique, the comforting Jacqueline Moore, the survivor Linda Wattley, and the butterfly Casche Russell.


"Doors" by Ebonee Monique

I followed his last order to me, hesitantly. "Look at yourself," I heard his voice say in my head.

Spinning around I faced myself. My slanted brown eyes were red and puffy from the hours of crying. My hair was a mess and my face looked swollen. I smoothed my shabby hair down and wiped clean the traces of mascara on my cheeks. My body hurt, my heart hurt and most of all my pride hurt. But regardless of all the pain, my appearance in complete disarray, I was still standing. I'd told myself that as soon as he was removed from my equation, air would cease to exist, taste would disappear and sound would have no meaning. I told myself that being alone, at my age, wasn%u2019t an option.

But I was standing tall. I was here, physically all alone, but I wasn%u2019t alone. I could feel God%u2019s presence enveloped all around me; as I inhaled and proudly stood back admiring my finished bedroom door, a grin came over my face. It was nearing five in the morning and my eyes were growing heavy. I jiggled the door knob of my bedroom door and awkwardly opened it. Flopping on my bed, I scooted my shoe box of memories to the side when something sticking out from underneath my bed caught my attention. Reaching down, I picked the heavy book up and smiled. It was my Bible.